Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend Fun

It was a fun sewing weekend. I made three wagon wheel blocks to go with the ones I won at the guild lotto. That's seven blocks toward a quilt. These blocks go together easily with chain piecing. Two more and I should be bored with them. Story of my quilt life.

I found gorgeous jalapeno peppers at the market. They were so pretty they looked fake. My grapefruit spoon works like a charm to remove the seeds and ribs, which is where most of the heat is. I've done this by hand and cannot recommend. Spent one evening too many gripping ice cubes. Get a grapefruit spoon. And wear gloves if you don't work with peppers a lot.

Inspector Gadget and I had fun emptying my cheese drawer for the peppers and shrimp and then wrapping everything in bacon. I wanted to grill these, but the cheese would not have cooperated. I made a butter, wine and spice sauce to drizzle on before baking. Because cheese needs butter and wine.

Here you go. Out of the oven. They were yum. The jalapeno peppers get milder when cooked. Our local hangout serves the shrimp with jalapeno, cheese and bacon. I can't get enough of them, but I think our version was better.

More spider webs blocks using my scraps. I always think fabric scraps multiply during the night, but I can actually see a bit of a dent in mine. What?

Have a great week!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Let's eat, grandpa

So many recipes to try. My Pinterest boards are crying uncle. Catching up on magazine reading by the pool last weekend, I tore out five new recipes to try. These refried beans are vegetarian and couldn't be easier. I threw some chili powder in them for zing. They cook all day in the crock pot and then you mush them.

I was trying to make refried beans without the lard and preservatives I see in the canned versions, but look at these refrieds from Trader Joe's. Doh! I should have just opened a can and saved myself the trouble.

Bones was helping Inspector Gadget feed the carp grass clippings. Our new neighbors think the carp are gators. Bones hopes they are not.

I fit in a few more spider web blocks last weekend. Hoping to get a few more sewn this weekend. I love playing in the scraps.
Even the trash is colorful.

I won the block lotto at our monthly guild meeting! Woo hoo! Only four blocks this month, but I will have fun making more. I think these Wagon Wheel blocks are so cute. A big thanks to Rene' for bringing my block to the meeting and sending me my winning loot. I love them!

Happy weekend! I'm rushing through my chores and office work and plan to play my weekend away. There will be cooking involved!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I've Missed You!

A gal at work ordered some of these Nature Box snacks and they were so good, I ordered some too. They have sweet healthy stuff, but I'm hooked on their savory snacks. So good. I highly recommend the Toasted Cheddar Stix. Not shown because we gobbled them down. If you want to try them, send me your e-mail address and they'll give you $10 off your first box.

Looking through my templates for a spider web template. Kind of fun to see what I've made over the years. I probably should toss them, but I've used a few more than once.

My only fabric acquisition over the weeks. It's been busy with summer fun and oh yeah, work. I do love Denise Schmidt's fabrics. Found this one on clearance at Jo-Ann.

Found my spider web template. These blocks are so fun to make. I'm using scrap paper as the foundations. I hope to make a few more after my weekend chores. I'm using this tutorial, but you can find many others out there.

I found a rack of lamb that didn't cost as much as my car. I brushed them with Dijon mustard, rolled them in an herb mixture and threw them on the grill.

Much to College Boy's dismay, I switched out the silverware. He has a certain connection with our old set, as in odd cutlery freaked him out. If a spoon didn't match our set, he refused to use it. I offered to put the old set with his "hope chest" items, but he declined.

I organized my gargantuan gadget drawer too. These oldies are my favorites. I stole the can opener from my mom's house when I moved out. Bad girl. And three biscuit cutters are normal for a Southern girl.

Bring on the fruits and vegetables. Summertime is my favorite. I hope you're eating well too! Happy Saturday!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Across the Finish Line

You know what they say about us crazy quilters. Find some fun fabric, chop it into pieces and then sew it back together. It's not as futile as everyone in my family thinks. I really liked this collection. Very retro and the colors were right up my alley.

I really didn't think I would finish the Michael Miller challenge before the deadline, but I made it! I even quilted it myself. There were hurdles. I didn't photograph them. Did I mention I hate the quilting part of quilting? I do.

Look how close the binding was. Not even enough binding to do a mitered seam. No biggie, straight seam it is! The backing striped fabric matched pretty well and I found it in my stash right away. Bring on a new project. Oh wait, I have seven million works in progress going on. No shortage of projects around these parts.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday!

I finished all my blocks for the Michael Miller fabric challenge. Using my design table, I threw them together mostly haphazardly. Anything would go with these scrappy blocks. I loved the print that had the big flower motifs, so I left those without chopping them up. We only had fat eighths to work with , but I still had two pretty flowers to feature.

I sewed the blocks together two by two and then in rows of four. For smaller quilts like this I stitch continuously to keep everything straight.

I even press the rows while everything is still attached. It makes it easy to press the block seams opposite ways so they sandwich when you sew the rows together.

I added some solid borders to increase the size a bit. The finished top is 42" x 44". Now to find something for the back and get this baby quilted and bound.

Cool selvage! Love me some orange.

Our guild's BOM for August. This one was fun. It's a traditional wagon wheel block. I love seeing all the blocks of the month that everyone creates.

Oh my gosh, I got caught up in "Botched" while I was sewing Sunday. I usually watch "Snapped" but it appears I've seen too many episodes and I hate repeats. Have you seen this "Botched" show where they're trying to fix botched plastic surgeries? *shudder* Yeah, I watched two entire episodes and tapped the prime time show that aired Sunday night. I'm pretty sure spending all my plastic surgery money on fabric has been an excellent decision.

As usual, we're starving around here. It's downright pitiful.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Stash #84

Remove child before washing. Excellent care instruction. I love funny garment tags.

I saw this one a long time ago. Has College Boy written all over it.

Two more toy sewing machines arrived in the mail. I love this red one by Kay-an-ee. It came with an ancient spool of boilfast Coats & Clark's thread. I wonder if I should start naming these little things like I name my sewing machines? The seller said this machine belonged to her Aunt Jane, so that's an easy one.

This little black number was made in Germany. The decals are fun and it's a sturdy little thing. Inspector Gadget wants to clean it up, so no telling what it will look like once it gets its makeover.

That extra day off for the fourth of July holiday gave me a little time to shop online. I found a good sale at Quilt in a Day. They were giving away some of the stuff. Well, practically. Eleanor Burns was one of my first quilting "teachers," so I like to support her company. And by teacher, I mean her books, television shows, and videos.

It's Sunday, let's go sew!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Goodies from Japan

Yumi surprised me with a big box of fun. I can't believe she gave me her very first "soccer" bag. It's tiny, so that makes it even cuter. The hexies are only 2.5" across. Yumi made several of these bags while her dad was getting better in the hospital. Her pop is home now and reunited with his beloved kitty.

The soccer theme continued with nori rice ball wrappers that transform rice balls into fun soccer balls. I guess Yumi has World Cup fever too! The green curry tuna looks delicious. I can't wait to try it. I'm going to give that coworker that opens tuna every afternoon a run for his money!

Hollywood and her charge are going to make the candy sushi. There's a video that shows how to do it. Hollywood's Japanese language skills are nil, so she might need the video.

The beautiful fabrics on the left are from kimonos, I believe. I also received the prettiest scarf, which is gigantic. Maybe I'll be able to wrap it fashionably. I love scarves, but I can never get them to look right. I bet there's a You Tube video that could help me.

College Boy was able to preview the new Harry Potter area, Diagon Alley. He bought a wand that interacts with items in the park.

One night after work, Inspector Gadget decided we should ride our new SunRail commuter train. We parked our car at the depot close to the house and sat in the upper level for the ride. I'm happy to say we didn't hit any cars along the way. Apparently, people in central Florida like to disobey railroad crossings. Luckily, no one has been hurt, but this train has only been open two month and four cars have been creamed.

We got off the train in Winter Park and had a hard time choosing where to eat. There are so many places we wanted to try. We settled on Blu on the Avenue, which had a rainbow sushi roll special. They were also practically giving away Blue Point oysters. We ate those so fast I didn't have time for a photo!

After our huge appetizer course, we split a lobster cobb salad. The presentation was so pretty.

The lobster grilled cheese was very good too. We split that as well. Definitely no room for dessert, but we did have time to wander the area and stop off for a night cap before our came to get us.

 Here comes the train. Time to go home.

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